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Nicki Minaj Drags “Weak Men” & SLAMS Trump During Tidal X 1015 Show

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Nicki Minaj performed at the Tidal X 1015 concert at Barclays Center in NYC on Saturday. In between songs Nicki aired her NSFW thoughts on men who are intimidated by impressive women- hear it for yourself.

But Nicki was just getting started. Nicki also aired her opinion on Presidential power couples and took a jab at Donald Trump’s wife, Melania.

I think it’s safe to say we know who Nicki will be voting for on November 8th. Nicki’s headlining set included a twerking session while playing “Trap Queen” before bringing out Fetty Wap to surprise the audience. But before the show, Nicki was treated to her own surprise during a meet-and-greet with HER idol Lauryn Hill. And lucky for us, it was captured on video.

Nicki also posted pics with Lauryn to her Instagram page, and admitted she quoted Lauryn Hill in her high school yearbook. What a whirlwind night for Nicki Minaj! It’s your turn Barbz, tell us below what you think of Nicki’s political rant and her fangirling over Lauryn Hill? Then be sure to check out this video featuring our pumpkin spice creations on Cheat Day. I’m your host Joslyn Davis, thanks for watching.

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5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Drags “Weak Men” & SLAMS Trump During Tidal X 1015 Show

  1. nicki, I love you but if you want to talk about politics, go on a tslk
    show. no one came to your tidal performance to hear you talk about

  2. I understand Trump is terrible, but don’t get someone even worse into
    office. Hillary has paid off rape victims to stay silent, which is the
    complete opposite of a woman. a woman also doesn’t stay with a man who
    cheats on her for her own selfish gain (Hillary Clinton). Hillary Rotten
    Clinton has to be one of the most disgusting excuses for a president. Trump
    isn’t good and he should be criticized for everything he’s done. But It
    just doesn’t make any shit of sense when worse people like Hillary are seen
    as heroes who understand minorities. it’s disgusting. it’s the equivalent
    of saying Hitler is understanding about the rights of blacks and jews. it’s
    stupid and has the biggest level of hypocrisy. please educate yourself,
    stupid liberals, on Hitlery Cliton

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