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5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Viral Celebrity Stories of 2018!!

  1. Bill paid that lady 3.1 million dollars and that old case was all they had on him, and it should not have been reopened. In California the judges found all those women were lying. Prejudice pure and simple you know a black man can’t have money.

  2. Iyanla is terrible. Nothing to do with her education. My opinion💁🏾.
    Kimayahs birth mother reached then backed out of the show. The show should have never aired imo. I agree with the bill cosby thing tho. I don’t believe half of those ladies. But i believe he did terrible things considering he was married and supposedly so wholesome. You definitely should do the braxtons. Tamar is an ass but if u watch them as a family she has her place and when they get along its actually very good.

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