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M A’s Press Conference | Celebrity News Recap & Commentary

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5 thoughts on “M A’s Press Conference | Celebrity News Recap & Commentary

  1. Check Out Episode 3 of my podcast….The girls are still at the Trump….and lies have been debunked :

  2. Allegedly, the girls were evicted or banned out of the Condo that R Kelly had originally. He had two Condos. One in Arziels name and one in his name. So the news wasn’t too short of being true.

  3. Yes, when that (the trial) happened, it was unbelievable that he got off on charges that were clear as day! The video of that disgrace had gone all over the place!!! Even the authorities recognized who the young girl was but money, and power, silenced them all. R Kelly still didn’t learn from God’s grace and mercy tho …SMH

  4. I see what you see in joy and az also make up does wonders even if it is too light. both look drained did you hear he keeps the girls drugged up joys right eye looks drooped

  5. you r so right thats a lot of money tracking things done this investigation is not cheap, everyone upset with women on docum. but they r on point and people will turn the blind eye for a check it was so good and they didn t want it to stop thamk god those women on the document. have put their lives together,

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