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Did Nicki Minaj Just Throw Shade at Cardi B? | E! News

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The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper seemingly takes shots at the “Money” rapper–and Cardi responds with her own receipts. Get the details!

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Did Nicki Minaj Just Throw Shade at Cardi B? | E! News

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6 thoughts on “Did Nicki Minaj Just Throw Shade at Cardi B? | E! News

  1. It’s so weird how nicki haters kept bugging her abt not having a number 1 and a Grammy. So when nicki goes like well she wouldn’t wanna have a Grammy and number 1 and still not be top 50 since MANY people were like that, not only cardi b but now that people found a reason to hate they took the chance (along with cardi b) to “think” it’s shade. Stop the bullshit nicki has an album, a husband and fans to care abt like I get it cardi is a fan but she’s not the type of fan nicki would actually care abt cuz she a jealous fan. Have a good day and nicki is the goat🥴🥰

  2. Nikki is a full grown adult closer to 40 and still beefing with someone in their 20’s. Who need to grow up? REALLY! Nikki went all the way back in the past to throw shade in the future. The question to ask is as and ADULT WHY CAN’T YOU LET IT GO AND MOVE TO THE FUTURE FOCUSING ON POSITIVE THINGS INSTEAD OF LIVING IN THE PAST. Nikki should be living her best life. She in love, she planning to get married have children. She got money. This doesn’t look good for her. Everyone knows Cardi was talking about Nikki. And Nikki was throwing shade at Cardi. Again Nikki start with the shade throwing. Cardi hasn’t said anything. But Nikki has started that train again and want to play the victim. No just stop and do you Nikki.💯✌🏿

  3. no lie, tupac, nwa, public enemy and krsone name a few rappers didn’t win the grammy! and of course vanilla ice! lmao

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