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5 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip | Offset’s Summer Bunni Apologizes To Cardi B!!

  1. I need to retract my previous comment and say good for you cardi leaving that loser you and kulture will be much happier now that all the toxic environment is behind you. Offset needs to be shame and it’s sad to say he’s not he’ll move on and do it again… Praying you all the best Cardi🙏🏽🤗😘. After doing more research on my part instead of speculations I don’t think Cardi have no involvement with this situation at all and that’s my final answer. She have enough to figure out on her own whatever the outcome and don’t need extras like me speculating as I did. She’ll be blessed in the long run…

  2. I am off this….No one cares that the chick offset is cheating on Cardi b with has issued A PUBLIC APOLOGY…what we need to find out is who did Jay Z cheat with cuz I contend that IF JAY Z really f’d around on Beyonce u BETTER BELIEVE that chick would come forward. There is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THE WORLD THAT WOULD KEEP HER QUIET. This now proves my point.

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