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5 thoughts on “Celebrity Gossip | Cardi B Reveals First Picture Of Baby Kulture!!

  1. She is a cutie! I believe too it was s dig to Offset because I’m thinking he more so than her did not want the baby Kulture on social media. He prob wanted to capitalize on the pictures to paint them as one big happy family. It was a big F-you to him. Sad but i knew this wasn’t going to last because they are too immature and have too much fidelity. Cardi B is better off. Her star is getting bigger and brighter and he will bring down her brand with him trying to get with every silicone butt groupie out there.

  2. No doubt about it that Baby Kulture is a sweetheart. She looks like she is a good baby. Her mom on the other hand Whew…. There are no words!

  3. I loved the fact she did do because of what people were aaying how her daughter was ugly and was sick and blah blah. I just wished she would of did it differently though a lil more secure even though she did say she would show her when she was good and ready to.

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