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Celebrities Gone Too Soon WHY?

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Celebrities Gone Too Soon WHY?

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This video talks about celebrities who have gone too soon. Answer the question

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7 thoughts on “Celebrities Gone Too Soon WHY?

    1. thumbs up from the Kommunist republic of Kalifornia. luv u brotha and glad you didn’t become part of this Beast system.

  1. 1- We, (the poor) who strive to be rich, tend to use logic & rationality to live our day to day life.
    2- Those who have power (or are rich), tend to live by their desires.
    ~ Why is that?
    1- Since we don’t have money, we can’t just do anything and everything we want. Our choices are narrow, and whatever we do, has MASSIVE consequences.
    2- For the ultra rich, they CAN literally do anything and everything they want. Their choice is… everything and anything, and they can manipulate consequences if it doesn’t meet their desires.

    ~ Example:
    1- If I (as someone not-wealthy) do something wrong & illegal, I don’t have the choice of getting out of it. (By hiring an amazing lawyer to make me look innocent.) I’ll definitely get punished!
    2- If someone rich does something wrong & illegal, they HAVE the choice to ‘not’ be punished. They can shut up witnesses with money, they can hire a great lawyer to make them look innocent, they can have a hitman kill important people off. They can ‘choose’ to not be punished.

    So basically, rich people have the option to be ‘free’ from bad consequences of their actions. (This tempts them to do wrong things, because they can get away with it.)
    That is only… in a physical, material sense. They are not free from the ‘mental’ and ’emotional’ and ‘spiritual’ consequences, of doing wrong.

    When those mental and psychological consequences build up in their mind, everything goes SPLAT for them.

  2. Third temptation of Jesus
    “Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory. And he said to Him, ‘All these things will I give you if you fall down and worship me.’”- Matthew 4:8-9

    Shakaama you have to start seeing patterns. Hollywood and the music industry are very much connected to the occult.

  3. The people behind the music are literally mafia in the way they do business, once your in the only way out is death and humiliation, it’s worked like this in the entertainment industry for decades.Even the original music contracts where devised and drawn up by the actual mafia!
    Crazy business to be in tbh

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