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Biggest Celebrity Disney Fanatics

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Going to Disney in the summer always sounds like a good idea … until you’re waiting in a 5 hour line with your thirty dollar hot dog.

BUT some celebs love Disney SO much that they will risk the heat stroke just to get a glimpse of Tarzan or The Evil Queen. What’s up guys, it’s Emile Ennis Jr with Clevver News and if you’re looking for celebs that are just as big Disney fanatics as you, I’ve got just what you’re looking for.

First things first: Dove Cameron. This might be an obvious one, given that she stars in Disney’s super successful “Descendants”

But Dove loves EVERYTHING about Disney. Disney movies. Disney Gift Baskets. Disney Red Carpets. And of course, Disney World.

I mean, girl’s been to Disney more times than I can count. And with VIP treatment like this, I’d go every day too!

You know who else loves Disney? Katy Perry.

Not only does she love Disney, she loves dressing up for Disney.

She’s done Snow White, Minnie Mouse, and of course, Ursula.

And Ariana Grande LOVES Disney.

She’s performed there so many times and even celebrated her 21st birthday there

Plus, like EVERYBODY wants her to be the next Little Mermaid

Well, everyone except Lilo

Who is quite the Disney fan herself
So what about you? Are you a big Disney fan? If so, what’s your favorite movie or princess? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Aria_na and Aria_ l…..both rock red hair…both are insanely pretty…both have magical voices …both have gorgeous smiles….make it happen Disney

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