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5 Times Celebs DEBUNKED Long-Standing Rumors

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Let’s be honest, the more time you spend reading about your favorite celebs, the more ridiculous rumors you’ll eventually hear. Although most of the time, rumors are instantly squashed by the celeb themselves, some rumors have gone completely untouched for long periods of time… until now, that is. So today, we’re breaking down five celebrities who’ve finally cleared up longstanding rumors, right here on Listed.

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5 thoughts on “5 Times Celebs DEBUNKED Long-Standing Rumors

  1. Katy didn’t steal the dancers. First of all, you cannot steal people. Those dancers had their own lives to live, Taylor never owned them. Secondly, they were actually with Katy before they were with Taylor. They were with her for her California Dreams tour, and then after that ended they went to Taylor on the terms that they would leave if Katy started another tour. When that time came, they gave Taylor 30 days notice so she would have time to hire other dancers before they left. Instead, (according to what I heard) Taylor fired them on the spot so she only had a couple days to get some dancers.

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